Greece: 1 hour ahead of Italy.
Albania: no time differences compared to Italy.

PASSPORT or IDENTITY CARD valid for expatriation also for children under 15 years of age.

From 26 June 2012 all Italian minors traveling must have an individual travel document. Therefore, starting from the aforesaid date minors, even if registered on their parents' passports on a date prior to 25 November 2009, must be in possession of an individual passport or, if the States crossed recognize its validity, an identity card valid for expatriation.
For any information and updates on the matter, we invite you to consult the website of the State Police Information for the Passport or Safe Traveling

The ITALIAN DRIVING LICENSE is valid and the CIRCULATION BOOKLET and the insurance certificate are required. The green card for traveling abroad is not compulsory in Greece and Croatia (EEC Council Directive 72/166/01.07.1988), while it is compulsory for circulation in Montenegro and Albania. However it is necessary to check on your green card if these countries are included, otherwise it is necessary to take out a temporary insurance policy upon arrival in the country.
In the event that the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, a proxy issued by the latter with signature authenticated at the Municipality of residence or at a notary is required. Seat belts for cars and helmets for motorbikes are MANDATORY. For all vehicles (even for 50cc motorcycles) a driving license for cars or motorcycles is required cat. TO.

Pets must be accompanied by a certificate of rabies vaccination and international health card.

Credit cards are a very popular payment instrument. It is possible to withdraw money in cash by credit card and international debit card (CIRRUS & MAESTRO circuit) at bank branches, ATMs for withdrawals, post offices and authorized offices.

In the event that a payment is made by credit card, a percentage amount may be requested as an administrative fee.

As far as the hotel classification is concerned, we have complied with that assigned by the Local Authorities, in collaboration with our local correspondents.
Single rooms: these are usually double rooms for single use, with the payment of an extra supplement.
Double rooms: they usually consist of two separate twin beds and are rarely double beds (only on request).
Triple rooms: they are the same as the double rooms with the addition of an extra bed (pull-out/folding bed or camp bed or chair bed).
Quadruple rooms and communicating rooms : available on request in some hotels.
Upon arrival at the hotel, guests may be asked for a credit card to guarantee any extras.

It should be noted that requests from customers for rooms or apartments close to each other, with particular or other views will be considered as reports and will not have the nature of a guarantee.

The international regulation foresees the assignment of the rooms after 2.00 pm on the day of arrival and the redelivery by 09.00 am on the day of departure. For the use of the rooms after the times indicated, it will be necessary to ask for authorization directly from the structure which may reserve the right to request a supplement to be paid locally or not to allow use after the times indicated.
However, this timetable may vary from hotel to hotel and from period to period.

- The quality standard of the hotels could be slightly lower than usual in Italy.
- The assignment of the rooms is the exclusive competence and discretion of the Management of the tourist accommodation facility, without any faculty and/or responsibility of the Tour Operator.
- Failure to respect the time of delivery of the keys at the reception of the structure can cause various unnecessary problems for you and for the hotel management.
- In the event of delayed arrival or arrival on a date other than the expected date shown on your voucher, we recommend that you immediately notify your trusted agency so that the hotel is immediately notified and your arrival is postponed.
(In this case, no refund of the fees will be recognized by our organization for the unused nights.)
- All transfers not expressly provided for and/or requested from the Tour Operator are at the Client's expense.

Even if it is mentioned in the descriptions of some hotels, please read carefully if it is present only in the common rooms of the structure or also in the rooms.
Sometimes, for reasons of energy saving, hotels are forced not to operate it for certain hours during the day.
Other hotels however, where air conditioning is not mentioned in the description, are likely to have it and charge an extra supplement locally.

In hotels, where required, a small supplement is paid directly on site.

- All Inclusive (All Inclusive): means accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks included.
- Full Board (Full Board ): means accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner with some drinks included in the fee and others with extra payment directly at the hotel.
- Half board (Half Board): means overnight stay, breakfast and dinner, drinks not included.
- Overnight stay (Bed & Breakfast): means overnight stay and breakfast.
- Night Only: means overnight stay only.
Meals are served at set times. The use of the restaurant service begins according to the time of arrival at the hotels. There are no refunds for meals not used for any reason (airline operations, excursions, etc.). The provision of the catering service ends with breakfast on the day of departure.
We strongly recommend that you make sure that the tap water in the rooms is drinkable to avoid unpleasant surprises.

We point out the following: in most of the destinations proposed, at the moment, not all accommodation and hotel facilities provide rooms equipped for people with disabilities; in any case, if the services are provided, the standards are not currently comparable to those envisaged in Italy. At the time of booking, we therefore ask you to inform us of any needs, so that it is possible for us to prepare the most suitable service.

In some sporadic cases, the possibility may arise that the hotel accepts and reconfirms a greater number of reservations than that allowed by its real availability (overbooking). Unfortunately, the tourism legislation in force does not prevent the occurrence of such events, which do not depend on our will, requiring that the overbooked hotel rebook the customers to a structure of the same or higher level, located (as far as possible) in the same area. We will take care to check that the alternative has all the necessary requirements and, if the news should reach our offices in advance of the departure date, we will take care to promptly inform the Customers through the Agency where they booked the voyage. Our on-site assistance service will ensure that the proposed solution is adequate and can be contacted for any eventuality.

The ferry timetables are intended as indicative and do not form part of the contract as they are subject to variations, sometimes without notice by the Shipping Companies.

The registration fee, which amounts to Euro 35, is compulsory for adults and in no case is it refundable.
This sum includes the costs of opening the case and includes medical/baggage insurance during your stay that Lorusso Travel & Shipping Srl has stipulated with the Unipolsai insurance company.

Should any problems arise during your stay, we urge you to contact us through your travel agency or our local assistance. Only in this case will our intervention be possible. For more information, see "Terms and Conditions of Sale" .